15 Incredible Yoga Men to Follow on Instagram

By David Woutersen

Yoga is becoming an ever more popular practice amongst men all around the world, but there are still some that stigmatize yoga as just a bit of stretching (if you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you know it’s far from that! 😉). To fight the stigma for the guys, in this post, we’re going to be sharing 15 incredible Yoga men to follow on Instagram.

Follow them, get started with yoga, learn some new moves to incorporate into your practice, or just get moving and inspired by what can be.

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15 incredible yoga men on Instagram

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15 Incredible Yoga Men to Follow on Instagram

Yoga has a ton of benefits and works for anyone regardless of your current fitness level, what type of exercise you prefer and even the mood you just happen to have that day.

Burn fat, build & shred muscle, reduce stress, increase libido, improve blood circulation, balance, and much more. It’s an all-round health & fitness program, & one that you can start from as little as 10 minutes a day.

That’s just some of the benefits of yoga, and here are some results. 😉 Do these incredible yoga dudes seem any weaker than those guys down by the weights?!

1. @joshkrameryoga

Josh Kramer pushes the limits of strength in the human body. He shares more than just a pose or two on his account, taking you all around the world doing something incredible on just about any beach he can come across.

2. @flo.yoga

Become inspired by Flo’s impressive flows (pun intended), bends and handstands. He even throws in a little travel too. 😉

3. @joayoga

Find new ideas & poses from Joaquin’s wide variety of poses on his account.

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4. @marcelclementiyoga

Join Marcel for some spontaneous yoga, whether that’s in the street, a forest or in the snow. His mini-blog captions are also something that can provide you with some motivation for the day ahead.

5. @patrickbeach

Come along on Patrick’s relaxing journey to take your handstands & flows to the next level. If you’re looking for a chilled soul, then Patricks your man.

6. @kevindhofer

Handstand aficionado, follow Kevin’s account for regular videos of really intense flows & transitions.

7. @dylanwerneryoga

The master of arm balance & strength, be prepared to be amazed.

8. @actionhiro

Join Hiro & find out how to improve your yoga practice & make your flow more effective. Get deeper into bends, improve the health of your joints & learn fundamental transition moves to improve your flow.

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9. @adamhusler

Alignment & flexibility are your things? Adam takes this to the next level & don’t be surprised if you ask yourself if that’s actually healthy. 😉

10. @kestyoga

Chatuuuuuraaaaaaaaaangaaaaaaaaaa. For anyone that’s taken one of his classes or gone through Jonah’s videos, this should be quite familiar. 😉

11. @jacobmanningyoga

Avid beachgoer & a walking billboard showcasing yogi strength.

12. @seanphelpsyoga

Enjoy some intense flows with Sean guiding you through everything. The power of the mind.

13. @benjamin.sears

Find that little bit of inspiration to add to your yoga practice wherever you are in the world.

14. @dbrownyoga

Yoga off into the sunset. Follow along for some great yoga pictures & poses.

15. @jamesalanrichardson

Get some ideas for poses & positions to add to your yoga practice at home.

15 amazing yoga men to follow on Instagram

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So, I’ll ask again. Do any of these incredible yoga men seem any bit weaker than the guy’s downs by the weight section? 😉

Which of these yoga men is your favorite? Or is there someone else on Instagram you prefer to follow?

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