Hey there!

We’re Maike & David, a married couple that loves exploring and seeing new places as well as experiencing new cultures.

We’re looking to learn, but also to share what we’ve gathered through our years of travel.

Zuri & Mischa, the best travel partners you could find, are our dogs and make up the rest of the Padkos team.
Some trips are done with the fluffy monsters, and for some very short adventures, they stay home.

Meet the Padkos Team


David Woutersen | Padkos

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, I spent most of my younger years exploring almost every inch of Namibia and South Africa. There wasn’t any special preference for the hot and dry or the characteristically Capetonian beach lifestyle, but now I’d probably choose a chilled drink as opposed to sweating in the desert again. Coffee Addict.

  • Languages spoke: English, German & strangely, hardly any Afrikaans. Full comprehension though, whilst still being able to use the most important words, like Padkos & Biltong. 😉
  • Special abilities: Patience, well unless things take too long.
  • Hobbies: Football (the European kind), photography & traveling.
  • Favorite Padkos: Biltong, droëwors & brownies.


Maike Padkos Team

Born in Windhoek, Namibia, I also spent a lot of time traveling around South Africa and Namibia. Most weekends involved going to a farm or to a dam and riding jet skis or quad bikes.

  • Languages: English, German, Afrikaans & Namlish… a mix between English, German & Afrikaans.
  • Special abilities: Karate
  • Hobbies: Yoga, playing with the dogs, reading & traveling.
  • Favourite Padkos: Koeksisters, biltong & chocolate.


Zuri our Australian Shepherd | Padkos

Meaning: ‘Beautiful’ in Swahili… & he knows it!
Zuri is an Australian Shepherd, a Blue Merle Aussie, which is why he has such a colorful coat.

  • Nicknames: Nook & The Colourful Sheep
  • Languages Understood: Hardly any… Just kidding, but sometimes it seems that way, instead, he understands English & German.
  • Special Abilities: Fetching Sticks
  • Hobbies: Fetching Sticks
  • Favorite Padkos: The sticks he has fetched… or anything that he can swallow.


Mischa our Husky | Padkos

Meaning: ‘Mischievous fluff ball’… I might have made that up though.
Mischa is a husky, a stereotypical husky, and everything you have ever heard about huskies is true.

  • Nicknames: Beast (in an adorable way) & Misch
  • Languages Understood: Hardly any… I’d like to say just kidding here, I really would. She has selective hearing, see ‘husky’. 😉 She occasionally listens to English & German, if she’s in the mood.
  • Special Abilities: Pulling
  • Hobbies: Pulling & Hunting
  • Favorite Padkos: What she has hunted… or dried meat.

Now that you’ve met the team, we’d like to thank you for joining us on this adventure.

David & Maike