15 Best Places to Visit with the Copenhagen Card

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Copenhagen is one of Europe’s jewels, with something for everybody & so much to see.
The Copenhagen Card is your entry card to most of the city’s best attractions (and some a little further). It also grants you access to all public transport in the city area with no additional fees… Even to and from the airport!

There are of course some great places to see for free, but with the Copenhagen Card, you’ll be able to roam the city almost unrestricted. 😉

15 best places you need to see with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co

P.s. Another cool bonus is that each adult card allows you to bring along two children under the age of 10, for free. Tivoli gardens, the aquarium, zoo, Experimentarium, etc. are all great fun for families, young and old.

If you’re visiting for longer than a day you can also save even further by booking a 2, 3 or 5-day card. I prefer the 3-day card because there are so many interesting places to see, you’ll be able to take your time and truly enjoy the city.

(You’ll probably have to still visit again though, there is just so much to see!)

The 1-day card will set you €54 back per adult. The 2-day card costs €77 & the 3-day card costs €93, whilst the 5-day card costs €121. For children, the Copenhagen Card is half price.

15 Best Places to Visit with the Copenhagen Card.

Tivoli Gardens

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens has something for everyone. The lush gardens, beautiful architecture & magical lights, no wonder it is one of the most visited amusement parks in Europe. The rides are as diverse as the architecture and gardens. From nostalgic roller coasters like the Wooden Roller Coaster, where a brakeman is required on each train (there are only 7 of these types of roller coasters left in the world!) to modern rides made to peak your senses and push your adrenaline through the roof, like the Vertigo which can get up to 100km/h.

The card covers the entrance to Tivoli Gardens, but you will have to pay additionally for the rides.

National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Denmark National Aquarium in Copenhagen

The largest Aquarium in Northern Europe, discover over 400 different sea species from around the world and get up close with Hammerhead sharks & rays in the underwater tunnel.

The rainforest area will leave you transported to South America with piranhas, butterflies & the giant arapaima’s.

Canal Tours Copenhagen

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Copenhagen Canal Tours

Where better to learn and marvel at this historical city than through the historical canals? Take a tour and learn about the castles, palaces, museums & other places of interest that make up this unique & diverse city.

Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Rundetaarn

Europe’s oldest observatory tower. Although no longer used professionally, you can make the approx. 200m winding walk up this almost 35m high tower for an incredible view of the old part of Copenhagen, or a view into the stars. There is also a 25m high floating glass floor for all those that aren’t scared of heights.

(I’m not scared of heights per say, it’s the falling and then hitting the ground that worries me.)

Christiansborg Palace (& the ruins beneath)

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Christiansborg Palace

With the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court of Denmark being found here, and the Royal Reception Rooms, the Palace Chapel and the Royal Stables also being used by the Danish Monarch, Christiansborg Palace is a busy place. It’s also a must-see with some extra interesting places found around and beneath this symbol of Danish architecture.

It’s also the only building in the world to house all 3 of a country’s branches of government.

Amalienborg Palace

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Amalienborg Palace

Explore the world of the modern monarch with the museum inside, stretching back 150 years to the ‘In-laws of Europe’.

Be sure not to miss the changing the guard ceremony at 12:00.

If accompanied by the Royal Guards music band, you can be assured that the queen is in.

Church of Our Saviour

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Church of our Saviour

Probably the most famous church in Denmark, the golden spire really sets the Church of Our Saviour apart. Whilst you’re here, climb the 400 steps to the top, be warned though, the last 150 steps are not for those that don’t agree with heights or suffer from vertigo.

Frederiksborg Castle

A little north of Copenhagen in Hillerød, you’ll find this unrivaled and impressive renaissance castle. Home to the Museum of National History as well as the beautiful baroque garden adjoining. The architecture and gardens are for me the highlights of this amazing property.

Rosenborg Castle

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Rosenborg Castle

Home to the Danish Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia. This incredible castle built in the 17th century will send you through a journey in time! Whilst offering some of the finest collections of Flora Danica & Venetian Glass in the world.

Kronborg Castle

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Kronborg Castle

Quite a distance from Copenhagen, the Kronborg Castle is found in Helsingør, but you’ll be granted access with the Copenhagen Card.

Dating all the way back to the 15th century, the Kronborg Castle is also known as the Elsinore castle as William Shakespeare depicted it in Hamlet. One of the former gates to the Baltic Sea, this former fortress is brimming with history & aesthetic beauty.

Maritime Museum of Denmark

Copenhagen Card - Helsingor Maritime Museum - Padkos.co
Photo by News Oresund

Like the Kronborg Castle, the Maritime Museum is also found in Helsingør.

This incredible museum is an art-piece itself and being noted by numerous publications for this reason alone. That’s before we even get to the exhibits inside! Which do not disappoint, showcasing the lives of sailors in this massive underground dry-dock.

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Visit Carlsberg

Experience the history of Danish beer and the surrounding area with beer tastings, guided tours, and many other special events.

You’ll even get a free beer, or soft drink, with your Copenhagen Card.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Photo by Nick / Flickr

Packed full of modern and contemporary art, with over 3000 permanent exhibits & a variety of interesting special exhibits throughout the year. The modern and contemporary art stretches all the way into the design of the building and even offers great views over the sea with sights of Sweden in the distance.

P.s. Being about 40km’s north of Copenhagen, this is another one of those attractions that are a little while away, although a great stop on your way to Helsingør.


15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Falconry

Get up close with falcons, hawks & eagles, and learn all about these incredible birds.


15 best places to visit with the Copenhagen Card - Padkos.co - Experimentarium

The science center in Copenhagen is fun for kids of all ages, with experiments, activities & interactive fun. If traveling with the family, you’ll need to schedule plenty of time for this awesome place, and you won’t regret it.

The Labyrinth of Light and the Tunnel of the Senses are just 2 of the 16 interactive exhibits that will capture the senses and leave you in wow.
Throw in the roof terrace for outdoor activities and the kids will be thoroughly entertained and the adults too!

These are just 15 of the over 80 attractions that you can visit with the Copenhagen Card!

Is the Copenhagen Card worth it? We definitely think it is!