10 of the best places in Namibia you need to see for yourself

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Namibia is a country with a diverse and beautiful landscape, with wildlife, indigenous fauna, and breath-taking sunsets. Home to some of the best lodges and safari opportunities in the world, making it one of the most interesting countries for people to visit.

Here are some of the most beautiful places in Namibia that you just need to see for yourself!

Having spent so many years in Namibia, we’ve traveled the country from top to bottom moreover.

With attractions being hundreds, and even possibly a thousand plus, kilometers apart, it’s not feasible to visit everything Namibia has to offer in a small space of time.

If you are a nature lover, like ourselves, and you’re willing to spend some time in the outback, then here are 10 of the best places in Namibia you need to visit on your trip.

Etosha National Park

Big 5 Africa

See the famous African Big Five and other beautiful wildlife in the wilds of Etosha.

In the evenings, watch over the watering holes before falling asleep beneath the stars.

You could even stay over at one of the available rooms in the great Namutoni, a Namibian Fort that makes up one of the rest sites.

Where is it

Located in Northern Namibia, approximately 400km from the capital, Windhoek.

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Sossusvlei & Surrounds

Best Places in Namibia - Sossusvlei
Best Places in Namibia - Deadvlei

A unique location containing some of the highest dunes in the world, as well as star dunes and the incredibly eerie Deadvlei.

You may think all deserts are the same, but the landscapes around Sossusvlei are completely unique compared to the northern parts of the Namib Desert, and pretty much all other deserts we’ve ever come across.

It is incredible how magnificent and insanely beautiful a desert landscape can be.

Sossusvlei is definitely one of the best places in Namibia to visit. Something you really should add to the priority list.

Where is it

Located South-West of the capital & approximately 400km from Windhoek.

Fish River Canyon

Best Places in Namibia - Fish River Canyon

The second-largest Canyon in the world, and the largest canyon in Africa. It’s not quite as regulated as the Grand Canyon, but that makes it all the more peaceful and impressive.

Due to the remote location, besides the nearby Ai-Ais hot springs, there isn’t much to do besides take in the impressive landscape whilst sipping a cool beverage of your choice.

You can also experience gorgeous sunsets over the canyon.

Where is it

Located in southern Namibia. Approximately 700km from Windhoek.


Best Places in Namibia - Damaraland

Home to the Welwitschia, Namibia’s national plant, as well as the Twyfelfontein and White Lady Bushman Paintings.

Where is it

Located North-West of Windhoek. The heart of Damaraland, Khorixas, is approximately 450km from Windhoek.


Best Places in Namibia - Spitzkoppe

The Matterhorn of Namibia.

The Spitzkoppe is over 120 million years old and reaches over 700m from the desert floor below.

An impressive rock formation that appears out of a seemingly flat piece of land.

Where is it

Located North-West of Windhoek. Approximately 270km from the capital.

Quiver Tree Forest & Giant’s Playground

Best Places in Namibia

A place where it seems as if the forest was planted upside down. The Quiver Tree Forest is something you are not going to see every day.

Throw in the Giant’s playground with its large piles of dolomite boulders, you’ll think you’ve just visited a giant toddler’s playpen.

Where is it

Located in southern Namibia near Keetsmanshoop. Approximately 500km from Windhoek.


Best Places in Namibia - Kolmanskop

The abandoned Diamond town is Namibia’s most famous ghost town.

The first diamonds found in Namibia were in this area, however, you’re going to need a permit to visit as Kolmanskop is located in a restricted area of the Namib.

Head to Lüderitz to book one of the daily tours and to stay overnight.

Where is it

Located southwest of Windhoek near Lüderitz. Approximately 700km of the capital.

Lake Otjikoto

Best Places in Namibia - Lake Otjikoto

The sinkhole lake is one of only two natural lakes in Namibia. It measures 102 meters in diameter and has an estimated depth of 142 meters. That’s roughly a football field in diameter and deeper than it is wide!

The San people named it ‘Gaisis’, meaning ugly. The Herero people later moved into the area and luckily renamed it Lake Otjikoto, meaning deep hole.

Where is it

Located in the northern parts of Namibia. Approximately 450km from Windhoek, and about 100 meters from the highway.

Caprivi Strip

One of the odder sites you’ll find on a map is the Caprivi Strip. However, it is one of the most scenic places in Namibia with majestic sunsets and incredible wildlife.

To the east is Victoria Falls, to the north is the Zambezi river, with Zambia beyond, and to the south is the Okavango Delta.

Seemingly Namibia reaching out to the neighboring countries, in colonial times the strip was used for economic reasons.

Where is it

Located northeast of Windhoek. Approximately 1100kms from the capital.

It’s that rather odd-looking claw that reaches out towards the Victoria Falls.

Epupa & Ruacana Falls

Best Places in Namibia - Ruacana & Epupa Falls

Epupa Falls, meaning foam in Herero, and the Ruacana Falls, are both found on the Kunene River. These falls are roughly 135km apart from one another.

Near the Epupa Falls, you will also find the Himba settlements, which is always worth a stop as well as you happen to be in the area.

Where is it

Located on the border between Angola and Namibia. The falls are approximately 900km and 1100km from Windhoek.

Those are the best places in Namibia to visit, and hopefully, you’ve added them to your itinerary.