The 13 Best Cities to Visit in Germany

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Germany is a country full of culture & history. With something significant to be found in almost every nook and cranny. Perfect for a visit all year round & offering great things to do and see in all of its 16 states.

It’s also a very populated country with a population of over 82 million!

In order to fit all of these people in, there are some unique and interesting modern pieces of architecture splattered throughout these historical centers. With this amount of diversity in population, architecture & landscape, there is something to see for everyone.

If you’re like us and have quite diverse tastes, then these will be the 13 best cities to visit in Germany on your next trip!

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of places for you to get a bratwurst & a couple of beers.

These aren’t in any particular order, each city provides something unique… although I’ll just throw it out there, the last 2 cities are our favorites (#4 as well).

Let’s get straight to the best cities to visit in Germany.

1. Bremen – Best cities to visit in Germany


A city that is known for its maritime trade. It is also home to the fairy tale of the Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm, making street music the cities trademark.

The famous fairy tale musicians can now be found in the cities old town district (Altstadt)… Well, a statue of them at least. The rest of the main attractions are all in quite close proximity and you can take up a lot of the maritime German culture from this harbor city.

Where is it?

Located in North-West Germany. The city is in the state named after it, Bremen.

What to do or see?

  • The Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmusikanten)
  • Bremen Roland
  • The Old Town (Altstadt)
  • Bremen Harbour

2. Cologne

Kölner Dom

Cologne is an impressive city with a majestic cathedral that sets it apart from all other cities in Germany. The Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) took over 600 years to build, and you may think it’s still not complete as it always seems to have scaffolding outside somewhere.

This gothic church is still a mesmerizing place though. If you decide to climb the stairs to the top, and you’re not out of breath yet, the view will definitely finish the job.

And yes, it is where Eau de Cologne originates. 😉

The city of Cologne is around 2000 years old, making it one of Germanys oldest cities, nestled on the Rhine, you’ll have plenty to do and see.

Where is it?

Located in Western Germany along the banks of the Rhine. Cologne is in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

What to do or see?

  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Great St Martin Church
  • St Gereon’s Basilica
  • Cologne Carnival – If you’re up for a massive party, make sure you’re in town for Rosenmontag. This is the highlight of Colognes Carnival… The next one will be on the 4th of March 2019.

3. Bonn and Königswinter

Bonn & Königswinter

Bonn is the birthplace of none other than Ludwig van Beethoven.

Königswinter lies in the Seven Hills with the Drachenfels hill overlooking the Rhine. Home to the legend of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer.

Where is it?

Both are located on the banks of the Rhine. Bonn is about 30kms south of Cologne & Königswinter is a further 10kms south.

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4. Berlin


Germany’s capital & one of the fashion capitals of Europe. Dating back to the 13th century this city has undergone numerous makeovers.

Now it is a symbol of unity with diversity in all areas; from the population, architecture and even to art.

Where is it?

Berlin is located in the north-eastern parts of Germany.

What to do or see?

  • Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)
  • Berlin Philharmonic
  • Museum Island
  • Visit the graffitied remains of the Berlin Wall

5. Nuremberg

Nuremberg Christmas Market

The 2nd largest city in Bavaria. Famous for its dark beers and the beautiful Christkindlesmarkt, one of the most popular Christmas markets in Europe.

Where is it?

Approximately 170kms north of Munich.

What to do or see?

  • The old town (Altstadt)
  • Nurnberg Castle
  • Christkindlesmarkt

6. Regensburg – Best cities to visit in Germany


The medieval city center of Regensburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the most visited attractions in Germany. This doesn’t mean to say it’s overcrowded, it’s actually remarkably less packed than you would imagine.

Where is it?

Located in Bavaria, Regensburg is found between Nuremberg & Munich.

What to do or see?

  • Peter’s Church
  • The Stone Bridge

7. Koblenz


This beautiful city is surrounded by vineyards & is where the Moselle & Rhine meet.

Koblenz is a great starting point for a boat tour along the Moselle through one of Germany’s best wine regions.

Where is it?

In the western parts of Germany, between Cologne & Frankfurt.

What to do or see?

  • Visit the Deutsche Eck, where the Moselle and Rhine meet.
  • Take a cable car up to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress with amazing views over the city on clear days.
  • Visit the old town (Altstadt).
  • Boat tours along the Moselle or Rhine.

8. Konstanz

Flower island Mainau by Konstanz

The largest city on Lake Constance. Bordering Switzerland, it has a lot to offer.

You will see a mix of Romanesque and gothic-styled architecture whilst strolling through the city and impressive Altstadt.

P.s. I think you may be starting to notice a pattern forming here… head to a German Altstadt.

Where is it?

South-western Germany, on Lake Constance in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

What to do or see?

  • The old town (Altstadt)
  • Picnic at Lake Constance.
  • Take a day trip to Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
  • Visit the beautiful flower island Mainau in late spring.

9. Hamburg


The 2nd largest city in Germany.

Here you’ll find one of the largest harbors in the world. This is not what makes this city so great though. The many waterways that run through this city give it it’s romantic charm.

There are more bridges in Hamburg than in Venice and Amsterdam combined!

Where is it?

It is situated on Germany’s northern coast, in the state of Hamburg.

What to do or see?

  • Visit the fish market early in the morning.
  • Experience the nightlife in Hamburg by visiting the infamous Reeperbahn, a.k.a. the Red-Light district.

10. Munich – Best cities to visit in Germany


The Capital of Bavaria, and even though it is the 3rd largest city in Germany, it is one of the greenest.

Where is it?

It is situated in the southern parts of Germany and forms the gateway to the alps.

What to do or see?

  • The Frauenkirche & Altstadt
  • The English garden
  • Oktoberfest

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11. Trier


Situated along the banks of the Moselle, near to the border with Luxembourg.

This city was founded by the Romans and was one of the most northern Roman settlements. You will find a lot of well-preserved Roman structures throughout the city and make for some of the towns best attractions.

Where is it?

Western Germany along the Moselle River.

What to do or see?

  • Porta Nigra
  • Trier Imperial Baths

12. Heidelberg – Best cities to visit in Germany

It’s hard to choose our favorite city in Germany, it’s a toss-up between Dresden and Heidelberg.

Heidelberg is a truly mesmerizing city sitting romantically along the banks of the Neckar river. No wonder it is and has been an inspiration for many poets and writers throughout the years, even for Mark Twain.

It is also one of the few German cities that didn’t get destroyed during the 2nd World War. Here you will definitely be able to capture some great memories on camera.

Where is it?

Approximately 90kms south of Frankfurt.

13. Dresden

Dresden, one of the best cities to visit in Germany
The 13 Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Dresden

Also known as the Florence of the Elbe. Dresden is spread out over both banks of the Elbe river.

80% of this amazing city got bombed in WWII. However, it has been rebuilt in its original beautiful baroque style.

If you stroll through the streets of Dresden you get the best of both worlds. A bustling metropole, with nightlife, shopping streets, cafes, beautiful & historic buildings, etc. and then less than 15 minutes out of town you can find beautiful nature and rock formations, like the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which spread all the way into the Czech Republic.

If you’re a traveler with dogs, you’ll both get plenty of exercise! 😉

Where is it?

Located in eastern Germany, 40kms from the Czech border.

What to do or see?

  • The Bastei Bridge on the outskirts of Dresden
  • The Dresdner Frauenkirche
  • The Zwinger.