5 Lighthouses in Kiel, Germany, you need to see

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Perched inside of the Kieler Fjord branched off from the Baltic Sea, Kiel’s position makes it an ideal harbor town.

And this is it, with ferries heading out to pretty much all the major ports in the neighboring countries. Whilst also doing quite a bit of industrial activity.

It may not be the colossal harbor of Hamburg, but being almost directly on the Baltic sea, it is a sight for itself.

Due to this position, you would imagine there would be a couple of Lighthouses in Kiel.

Five in total, if we’re counting the surrounds and entry to the fjord… Which I am.

Two of the lighthouses are inside the city or very nearby. The other 2 are on the corners of the entrance to the fjord. Leading ships, cruise liners, ferries, boats & sea-goers into the fjord since 1865.

The last lighthouse, well we’ll get to that one later.

Holtenau Nord Lighthouse

Kiel Holtenau Lighthouse
Photo by UphoffHe.

One of the 2 lighthouses inside of Kiel. This incredible lighthouse was built in 1895 and houses a memorial to some of Germany’s Kaisers.

The cornerstone was even laid by Germany’s last Kaiser, Willem II, and the overall design of this lighthouse isn’t anywhere near the typical red and white you’d imagine a lighthouse to be.

Characteristic northern red brick makes up this castle-like lighthouse, making it a real sight to behold on the entrance to the North Sea-Baltic Sea Canal.

The Holtenau Nord Lighthouse is located on a mound close to the Baltic Sea Locks on the nearby Kiel Canal.

Friedrichsort Lighthouse

Lighthouses in Kiel

The other lighthouse inside of Kiel. This one moving a little further out of the Fjord. It is located on an artificial island on the beach in Friedrichsort.

Replacing the previous lighthouse, operations began in 1971, and apart from the turquoise/blue colors, is much what you’d expect a lighthouse to be and an excellent backdrop over the fjord.

It could also be used to point out the beginning and ends of 2 specific beaches, namely the nude beach to the south and the dog beach to the north. We’ve only been to the dog beach.

Bülk Lighthouse

Bülk Lighthouse

Sitting on the western side of the mouth to the Kieler Fjord. This is the oldest lighthouse in (or around) Kiel, dating back to 1807, but first being lit in 1865.

The lighthouse measures 25.6m high and the lower platform is open to visitors (22m high) offering long astounding views over the Kieler Fjord & Bay… When the fog hasn’t rolled in that is. If you look hard enough, you may see a Viking ship off in the distant yonder.

Apart from the lighthouse, there is also a cafe on the premises and long walkways and sandy shores.

Perfect for a walk with the dogs.

Heidkate Lighthouse

Heidkate Lighthouse

I’ll get straight to the elephant in the room, it’s not the most majestic lighthouse on this list. I like this one for where it is positioned though.

On the Eastern entrance to the Kieler Fjord in the small holiday town of Heidkate, you’ll find this lighthouse.

You’ll also find a long sandy beach not too far outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Part of the beach is designated for dogs and a majority of it is ideal for sunbathing.

Over the dunes, you’ll find pristine lawns up until the foot of the lighthouse.

Perfect for a picnic or your sport of choice.

Kiel Lighthouse

Kiel Lighthouse
Photo by Blutgretchen.

This one you’re not going to be able to reach by car. I’ve included it mostly because of its name, being the Kiel Lighthouse.

Finished in 1967 & operating since then, it is situated off the coast separating the Kieler Fjord & the Bay of Kiel.

Taking the ferry to Flensburg, Göteborg or Oslo may be your best bet at catching a glimpse of this stereotypical lighthouse nestling above the Baltic Sea.

These are 5 completely different lighthouses in Kiel. From castle-like to fully functional and rather important off-shore lighthouses. Which one are you going to visit first?