5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Munich, Germany

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The food scene in Munich is thriving, and it’s more than amazing sausages and the best beer on earth! Munich has lots to offer at all levels: from the hundreds of Michelin-starred restaurants to the dozens of free-entrance beer gardens.

Food plays an integral part in the Bavarian city, and it shines not only for the quality on offer but for a deep commitment to inclusion.

For restaurateurs and chefs, vegan and vegetarian cuisine is more than an afterthought, but the future and the food coming out of these green kitchens are downright delicious! Here’s are 5 exemplary vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Munich you just can’t miss.

Hippie Chai

Giesing neighborhood is growing in popularity, and it’s thanks to restaurants like Hippie Chai, a Vietnamese-inspired vegan restaurant with a casual feel and colorful, healthy food. Everything is delightful, from the curries to the classic Bahn mi.

The chef’s mastery with bio-tofu is found all over the rustic menu, from the Poke-Power Bowl to the Summer Garden dish. Try the portobello burger in a bao bun; it’s worth the visit on its own. Make sure to order a homemade lemongrass soda too, it’s as refreshing as it sounds.

8 Martin-Luther-Straße, Untergiesing-Harlaching München

Tushita Teehaus

This cozy, minimalistic tea house has a Zen-like ambiance and a profound commitment to vegan food. The daily rice bowls, topped with all kinds of colorful veggies, greens, and plant-based proteins are crowd-pleasers, and they have a good deal of gluten-free options, including vegan cake!

Tea is at Tushita’s core; it’s the soul of this little shop, and you’ll find a fantastic array of options from matcha to proprietary blends. Arrive early because this place gets packed!

53 Klenzestraße, München

Max Pett

With a good location a few blocks from Munich Central Station and one block from Sendlinger Tor subway station, Max Pett is a small restaurant with big ambitions. The food here is well above the standard. A modern vegan menu offers many things from cashew cream to stuffed peppers, but the star on the menu is the vegan schnitzel. Desserts are stand out too: try the vegan blueberry cheesecake.

The vast selection of alcohol-free beer and wine is a big plus and adds to the well-rounded offer.

Pettenkoferstr. 8, München

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Ooh Baby I Like It Raw

This casual eatery is all about fresh ingredients and plentiful dishes. Although not strictly vegan or vegetarian, these diets are well represented. Bagels are very popular; the vegetable bagel with grilled veggies and avocado is great for breakfast or lunch.

The avocado plate with cucumbers, chili flakes, and fresh herbs drizzled with olive oil is refreshing and rewarding. Coffee is of excellent quality too — a beautiful place to have a light, healthy lunch.

Rumfordstrasse 39, München

Cafe Katzentempel

This is the cat temple, and it’s easy to see why. Have a nice meal with a cat on your lap; there are half a dozen rescued cats around!

For a hearty dinner, try the goulash or the curries. For something lighter, order the breakfast platter with vegan scrambled eggs or creamy mushroom soup. Food is straightforward delicious without being pretentious. The burrito is a standout, but all are tasty. For a unique experience amongst lazy cats, this is where you want to be.

Türkenstraße 29 München

These are our favorite conscious-minded restaurants in Munich, what are yours?

Are you looking for more than a satisfying meal? You can’t go wrong in Munich. There’s an amazing eatery on every corner, from beer halls to Bavarian taverns. As you’ve seen, there are incredible vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Munich too, so lose yourself in the historical city and have a meal of a lifetime.