7 of Namibia’s Best Luxury Lodges

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They are large, they have exquisite suites, service, delicious food, and more often than not, an incredible view. This, of course, does come at a price more often than not. Normally, we like to focus on more affordable travel and then splurging on experiences during our trips. Namibia provides an opportunity unlike most when it comes to luxury lodges though. Here a lot of the lodges can cater for a whole world of experiences that can really enhance the stay. Things like private tours, unique food, special attractions only found on the premises or even having such a variety of options you won’t have to leave the property during your stay.

Let’s have a look at some of Namibia’s best luxury lodges.

Best Luxury Lodges in Namibia

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7 of Namibia’s Best Luxury Lodges

andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Luxury in the Namib desert. Escape from your stresses, into pure tranquillity and luxury.
Dine under the stars, have a swim & then take a scenic tour.
Before experiencing one of the most exhilarating and breath-taking experiences Namibia has to offer; hot air ballooning over the incredible Sossusvlei landscape.
When you return and the sun has gone down, gaze at the stars with a professional astronomer.
Bring your kids for a family getaway or your partner for a romantic stay.

The good:

  • Unique & Beautiful landscape.
  • Option to fly directly to andBeyond.
  • A wide variety of activities.
  • Resident Astronomer (I mean, what other lodges do you know that has a resident astronomer?).

The bad:

  • Unless you’re flying directly in from Windhoek/Swakopmund, it’s a bit of a journey to reach.

Check out their website for a full range of offerings by clicking here. Or make a booking by clicking here. (and you can go through some further reviews)

sossusvlei - Namibia's best luxury lodges

Gocheganas Wellness Village

Are you looking for the perfect one-stop luxury getaway? Wildlife and wellness?
Then the Gocheganas Wellness Village is what you’re looking for… and it’s only 30km from Windhoek (plus they offer airport transfers).
Massages, fitness, beauty treatments, hiking, and game drives. Choose your adventure or choose relaxation.
Perfect for the mind, body, and soul.

The good:

  • Close to Windhoek.
  • Excellent Wellness Area.
  • Perfect for relaxation.
  • Good animal interaction.

The bad:

  • Some of the service staff.
  • Whilst coming up close to animals is great, it doesn’t represent a natural African experience.

Check out their website for a full list of activities by clicking here. Or make a booking by clicking here. (and you can go through some further reviews)

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

A picturesque Lodge in Damaraland.
Situated only 3 km away from the largest collection of Bushman engravings in southern Africa.
Enjoy the desert elephants and bushman art during the day, and at night spoil yourself with one of the best buffets in Namibia.

The good:

  • Delicious food.
  • Unique location
  • Excellent rooms.

The bad:

  • The website is not very user-friendly.
  • Activity options aren’t as long as many of the other lodges mentioned.

Check out their website by clicking here. Or make a booking by clicking here. (and you can go through some further reviews)

Brandenberg White Lady Painting - Namibia's best luxury lodges
Brandenberg White Lady Painting
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Brandberg White Lady Lodge

Another great lodge in Damaraland. Here at the feet of Namibia’s highest mountain, time stands still, no-one is rushing, no-one is stressed. There is only peace and quiet, and the sounds of silence… I mean, nature. Take a hike to the white lady painting only 16km from the lodge. Go on a desert elephant/sunset drive and just enjoy the beautiful nature of Namibia that presents itself to you.

The good:

  • Unique location.
  • Excellent staff.
  • Beautiful view.
  • Great food.

The bad:

  • The rooms are only ok.
  • No place to charge your devices in the rooms.

Check out everything the White Lady Lodge has to offer by visiting their website here. Or you can make a booking by clicking here. (and you can go through some further reviews)

Frans Indongo Lodge

Northeast of Otjiwarongo on a 170km² farm, you can enjoy the African feeling at its finest.
Sundowner drive, hiking through the savannah, learning more about the fastest terrestrial animal, the cheetah, are just a few of the possibilities here.

Whilst you’re here, go on a trip to the restaurant for vultures. Nestled in the cliffs of Waterberg is the last colony of Cape Vultures found here.
Numbers previously exceeded 2000 in a single colony, the remaining colony has drastically declined to just a few birds.
Set up by the Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST), you can visit the observation screen where you can view these birds in action (as well as hundreds of other vulture breeds).

When back at the camp, relax and enjoy the amazing view from the lodge or pool area.

The good:

  • Good variety of activities.
  • Great position for a stop between Windhoek & Etosha.
  • Unique Vulture Experience.
  • Great Rooms.
  • Fair prices.

The bad:

  • There generally isn’t any. 😉

Visit the Frans Indongo Lodge website here for a full list of activities & check out REST here. Or you can make a booking by clicking here. (and you can go through some further reviews)

Cape Vulture - Namibia's best luxury lodges
Photo by NJR ZA

Fish River Lodge

Do you like living on the edge of life? Well, here you can enjoy your stay on the edge of the world’s second largest canyon.
After hiking or cycling through the canyon, rewind with a spa treatment from the comfort of your own chalet.
Not to be forgotten, of course, is the mouth-watering meals and world-class South African wines.

The good:

  • Indoor & outdoor shower
  • Great for cyclists
  • Unique Location & Incredible view
  • Great rooms and well-appointed bathrooms
  • Excellent food & service
  • Fly-In Option

The bad:

  • Not much else in the area, unless you’re driving down to South Africa/Lüderitz (or vice versa).
  • If you’re not flying in, can be quite a journey to reach.

Check out the Fish River Lodge website and see everything they have to offer by clicking here. Or you can make a booking by clicking here. (and you can go through some further reviews)

Fish River Canyon Lodge - Namibia's best luxury lodges

Divava Okavango Resort & Spa

This Beautiful lodge is located on the Okavango riverbed. Pamper yourself in the middle of the Namibian ‘jungle’. With a variety of offers, from massages, steam rooms and a pool (of course all with an astonishing view) you will want to stay forever. Other activities include boat safaris, that will bring you up close with the hunters of the river. Namely, hippos and crocodiles. Visiting the Popa falls, or just breathing in the clean Namibian air.

The good:

  • Beautiful River Location.
  • Great Stopover between Etosha & Victoria Falls/Okavango Delta.
  • Good service & facilities.
  • Boat cruises.

The bad:

  • Poor maintenance.
  • Rooms can get quite hot.

Have a look at the Divava Okavango Resort & Spa website here and see everything they have to offer. Or you can make a booking by clicking here. (and you can go through some further reviews)

Now, these are only a handful of Namibia’s stunning luxury lodges, so if you think Namibia is too wild for you, think again!
Namibia caters for everyone. You can explore this magnificent country and it’s many offerings on a tight budget or experience the royal treatment whilst getting face to face with mother nature.

Namibian Sunset over a watering hole - Namibia's best luxury lodges


This rundown of Namibia’s best luxury lodges is meant to point out some of the best lodges throughout the country. You may notice we left out Etosha, but that is for good reason. There are just so many great options inside & around the national park, you’re spoilt for choice! Check out some of the awesome spots you can stay at by clicking here.

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7 of Namibia’s Best Luxury Lodges

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Have you stayed at any of these lodges? Are there any others you could recommend? Let us know in the comments! 😊

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