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Things To Do In Swakopmund

Swakopmund is a vibrant town teeming with activities for everyone. From its famous dunes to a plethora of outdoor adventures, it’s a paradise for nature lovers, adventurers, families, and those seeking a peaceful beach experience. This guide explores the best things to do in Swakopmund, ensuring your visit is unforgettable.

Nature and Wildlife: A Journey into the Wild

National Marine Aquarium of Namibia

Location: 1 Strand Street, Swakopmund
Hours: Tues-Sun, 10 am-4 pm; Feedings at 3 pm
Admission: ~N$10 (€0.60/$0.70)
Discover the aquatic life of the Benguela Current in Namibia’s only aquarium, located on the beachfront.

Living Desert Snake Park

Location: 5 Libertina Amathila Ave.
Hours: 9 am-5 pm
Delve into the world of reptiles and arachnids, learning about these fascinating species, including the unique Sidewinder snake.

Nature & Wildlife Tours

Explore the life in the desert, from Welwitschia plants to Sidewinder snakes. Numerous tour companies offer various experiences.

Flamingo Viewing

Location: Walvis Bay’s promenade, ~40 minutes south of Swakopmund
Observe the flamingos near the salt works and learn about the dietary reasons behind their vibrant colors.

Seal Colony at Cape Cross

Distance: 120km north of Swakopmund
Witness Africa’s largest mainland seal colony, a sight to behold despite the strong odor.

Mola Mola Tours

Location: End of Atlantic Street, Walvis Bay
Hours: Tours start at 9 am, run for 3 hours
Price: ~N$950/adult, ~N$590/child
Enjoy a seal-friendly boat tour with potential dolphin and pelican sightings.

Swakopmund Camel Farm

Location: 12km outside Swakopmund towards Windhoek
Experience the unique joy of camel riding through the sand dunes.

Adrenaline and Outdoor Adventures: Thrills in the Desert

Hiking Dune 7

Experience the challenge and reward of hiking up Namibia’s highest dune.

Sandboarding and Quad Biking

Engage in exhilarating sandboarding and quad biking with services like Desert Explorers.

Horseback Riding and Fat Bike Tours

Explore the outskirts of Swakopmund on horseback or fat bikes.

Extreme Sports

Indulge in go-karting, paragliding, skydiving, and hot air balloon tours with companies like Ground Rush Adventures and Scenic Air.

Water Sports

Try surfing, kayaking, and kite surfing in Walvis Bay and Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.

Dolphin Park

Location: Long Beach, between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
Ideal for families, offering water features and chalets.

History and Culture: Swakopmund’s Heritage

Swakopmund Museum

Location: Strand St.
Hours: 10 am-5 pm
Admission: ~N$30/adult, ~N$10/child
Explore Namibia’s history, indigenous flora, fauna, and ethnic groups.

Karakulia Weavers and Kirikara Art Gallery

Purchase unique, handmade souvenirs and support local artists at these vibrant markets.

Street Market

Experience local craftsmanship with products like engraved Makalani nuts, ideal for souvenirs.

Kristall Galerie

Location: Theo-Ben Gurirab Ave.
Hours: Mon-Sat, 9 am-5 pm
Marvel at the world’s largest quartz crystal cluster and other gemstones.

The Old German Town

Relive history through architectural wonders like the lighthouse, Woermann house, and old railway station.

Food and Nightlife: Culinary Delights and Evening Fun

Tiger Reef Beach Bar and Grill

Relax with sundowners, food, and music at the mouth of the Swakop River.

Naps Club and Desert Tavern

Experience Swakopmund’s nightlife with popular clubs and eateries offering great food and live music.

Jetty 1905 and Swakopmund Brauhaus

Savor fine dining with stunning views at Jetty 1905 and enjoy German cuisine and beer at Swakopmund Brauhaus.

The Wreck Restaurant and Kückis Pub

Enjoy ocean views and sumptuous meals at The Wreck, or relax at Kückis Pub for seafood and grills.

Village Café

Location: 23 Sam Nujoma Drive
Indulge in unique food and drinks in an African village-themed setting.

Swakopmund is a treasure trove of experiences, offering a diverse range of activities and sights

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